Community Debriefs Weekly Debrief

221 Mar 10 – Community Debrief

0:00:00​ – Rao’s tech update 162…

0:11:11​ – Greg response – in order to get real performance from block merge we have to modify a map that involves the channels and if we do that then those changes are not backward compatible with the rest of the chain which is why it has to be done with the second fork. Performance numbers won’t be what we expect them to be until after the second hard fork.

0:13:05​ – Community Week in Review

0:16:46​ – Greg explains “the dog didn’t bark”. See the latest Casper Standup…​ for details.

0:28:55​ – Discussion around co-op decision making – active engagement – committee participation is key

0:33:14​ – Ian – governance of the platform vs governance of the co-op. Must be mindful of the bylaws and the jurisdictions.

0:36:53​ – Jim – RDev Co-op – decided not to create a legal entity at this point.

0:41:35​ – Darryl – blockchain platform vs blockchain protocol

0:44:00​ – Greg –

0:56:10​ – Greg – the point of this conversation was democracy

0:59:39​ – Greg – one member one vote – distribution of rev holders aren’t aligned with all the issues that the coop are facing.