Community Debriefs Weekly Debrief

223 Mar 24 Community Debrief

0:00​ – Rao’s Tech Update –…

0:09:29​ – Greg – significant business opportunity for those who want to maintain transaction history past the last finalized state. Providing storage in chunks. Would be important to have services that would provide the audit trail.

0:11:25​ – Raphael – recap of his Dappy / NFT presentation on Tuesday

0:15:05​ – Greg asks about NFT – RChain token contract is here to serve as a unified rholang contract for NFT as well as fungible tokens.

0:16:40​ – HJ has question: What is advantage of Dappy vs Ethereum?

0:20:27​ – Board update – hardware vendor update

0:22:25​ – Community Week in review

0:25:33​ – Greg – have put thoughts around RChain and Climate Change for a blog entry

0:26:30​ – Darryl on NFT’s, the music industry, RChain and Dappy.