Community Debriefs Weekly Debrief

225 Apr 7 Community Debrief

0:00:00​ – Rao’s tech update #166​ –…

0:08:54​ – Greg response, board meeting – vote approving an MOU between Daasl and the co-op.

0:12:31​ – congratulate SRT – joining the team to drive the covid passport to data identity sovereignty solution.- public sentiment towards a decentralized solution when it comes to talking about COVID passports.

0:14:16​ – tonight is the end of the staking transition period – quite a abit of additional stake – 20 million REV in the last week – and additional 10 million. Probably end up with 25 million staked from members in the staking pool. Roughly 1/4 is out of circulation and put into stake.

0:17:02​ – Community Week in Review.

0:19:15​ – Darryl and Rao review Climate Chain Coalition call

0:22:58​ – Question from CM – “once staking is open to independent validators, what would be the best way to support the project stake w the co-op or independent validators?”