Community Debriefs Weekly Debrief

227 Apr 23 Community Debrief – RVote / liquid democracy demo

0:00​ – Rao’s tech update:…

0:07:38​ – Community Week in Review

0:10:12​ – Greg – Earth Day video:

0:11:22​ – RGov / RVote demo – first stage of egalitarian, decentralized governance capability on RChain! Liquid democracy – governance capability to support collective intelligence

0:30:29​ – post demo conversation

Greg’s 5 step plan:

Step 0: build a blockchain that is scalable and environmentally responsible: RChain.

Step 1: demonstrate the kind of local and global governance enabled by on-chain governance.

Step 2: demonstrate the impact of the self-sovereign identity and self-sovereign on-chain data; and in particular, show what this means for the billions of climate refugees.

Step 3: demonstrate the power of a reconfigurable smart power grid connected to a blockchain.

Step 4: let humanity show us ways of using the blockchain that we never even considered.

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