Community Debriefs Weekly Debrief

229 May 5 Community Debrief

0:00:00​ – Rao’s Tech Update –…

0:11:38​ – Community Week in Review

0:14:27​ – Greg update from Board Meeting – slated to talk in mid June on Crypto Coin Show – exciting news on hardware acceleration efforts saved for Friday’s closed door session.

0:15:46​ – Greg – RChain and Daasl – decentralized sponsored content as a funding method for Dapps

0:19:59​ – Darryl – why decentralized sponsored content is important and the some of the solutions it can provide.

0:23:02​ – Greg – SRT has done some great work on expanding the covid passport to self sovereign identity – last week he stored the famous Thomas Edison quote on RChain. Sponsors don’t have to be Starbucks or Nike.

0:26:27​ – Nora – surveillance capitalism alters us

0:29:04​ – Greg – the Social Dilemma

0:30:00​ – HJ – do we have any sponsors yet?

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