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RCast 137 – [Climate & Coordination] May 14 2021 – Guest: Visual artist and astronaut in training Richelle Gribble

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Today we spoke with visual artist and astronaut in training Richelle Gribble ( ), and we also discussed recent environmental debates involving NFT’s, blockchain and Elon Musk. Ian also spoke about the Apple / Epic lawsuit and how it could affect utility tokens.

0:00:00 – Intro

0:01:13 – Nora introduces Richelle Gribble – expert on networks – the Overview Effect – astronaut – Frank White – encountered the realization that the earth is one interconnected organism – we need to act together to accomplish these great feats – expeditionary research – when I am fully immersed in a new environment and new landscape – pushes me to travel and explore – more attentive to the things around us – travelling in the jungle and noticing that the tree ants have such an impact but are dwindling. The earthrise photo from space in the 60’s – the world’s first selfie – humanity’s self portrait – kickstarted the environmental movements.

0:07:54 – SRT asks about Richelle’s fascination with networks. Her works focus on connection structures.

0:10:31 – Nora – technology follows nature with networks.

0:11:53 – The late great Alan Turing – what he did – applied math to morphogenesis – how zebras have stripes etc. From something so tiny, network are created in nature. Video of the bitcoin network forming over time – represented by how people collaborate around open source code:…

0:15:18 – Nora – where do you think the urge comes from for human beings to go to space? Richelle – To better understand how we are connected to everything else – the drive for explorers to go further – out of reach

0:19:05 – Darryl – many times art precedes science

0:21:26 – Nora – what’s next?

0:21:59 – Richelle – How I am training to be an astronaut.

0:25:11 – Richelle’s parting words – we are all part of this giant network – what are the things we want to feed through this system.

0:26:50 – SRT – Elon Musk’s announcement about no longer accepting bitcoin because it is bad for the planet.

0:27:23 – Nora article:…

0:30:56 – Darryl – May 12, 2021 will go down in future history as the first day when Bitcoin price was affected by sentiment around it’s affect on climate change.

0:33:53 – Ian – can the bitcoin protocol be changed to make for less miners?

0:34:40 – SRT – that’s a bandaid over a gaping wound. The issue is Proof of Work – Satoshi didn’t think this through systemically. It’s an evolution – everyone is looking at other consensus protocols and Proof of Stake is the most promising.

0:36:09 – Darryl – Elon literally called out – he said we are actively looking for an alternative solution that will use less than 1 percent of Bitcoin’s energy consumption.

0:44:29 – Ian – Epic vs Apple… and

0:47:16 – Lina Khan gets bipartisan support to be FTC commissioner.…

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