Preparatory Snapshot for RChain Hard Fork #1

Check your REV balance in the “preparatory snapshot” and report any discrepancy to prior to Jul 15, 2021.

RChain main net has been operational with the REV token since February 20, 2020. We are preparing the network for the imminent “block merge” release to substantially increase the transaction throughput of the network.

Hard Fork #1 will remove one of the incorrectly slashed validators, and sweep RHOC/REV frozen in contracts at the time of main net launch.

A preparatory snapshot of main net wallet balances has been prepared so that every community member can verify his/her balance at block height 896988. The wallet balances are available for community review.

The Preparatory Snapshot is published here:

The process followed, the next steps and time lines etc. are further explained here:

On or around July 16, 2021 at approximate block height 909000 RChain mainnet will be stopped and exchanges will temporarily halt trading. A new snapshot of balances will be published at that time and REV holders will have one day to verify their balance. A hard fork of the network with new genesis will start around July 18, 2021.

Here’s an example showing how to check your balance:

Let’s say that you held 0.019973 RHOC in 0x000d7321F6767c3910bBCE248cb9dF5c8EB0edf9 at the time of the January 28, 2020 RHOC snapshot and have not made any transfers.

  1. Visit and query for 0x000d7321F6767c3910bBCE248cb9dF5c8EB0edf9
    You will see a balance of 0.019973 REV at address 1111qpx1CjyV58Aja1EytuGSmoGMyBhV4wSQLUoNqQ9c4Zb8chhhV which shares the same public/private key pair as your original RHOC address.
  2. Visit and search for 1111qpx1CjyV58Aja1EytuGSmoGMyBhV4wSQLUoNqQ9c4Zb8chhhV.
    You will see a balance of 1997300 which (after adjusting for 8 decimal places) equals 0.019973 REV

For community support related to RHOC and REV wallets, you can visit the #rhoc2rev channel on the Co-op’s RChain-Pub Discord server.
Here is the invitation link:

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