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OSLF is the most important algorithm for four hundred years

by Shixi (translated from Chinese)

The ultimate truth of reason contains such a relationship: Algebraic structure = = calculus = = logic = = type

Greg’s OSLF (Operational Semantics in Logical Form) is connected with the relationship between calculation, logic, and type. Others have already connected with it. Therefore, the meaning of OSLF lies in this. With this, a chain of computing (calculus) = = logic = = type is established.

Zhouyi is also an calculus, so is four columns and Ten Gods. They are all algebraic structures such as Monoid.

The algebraic structure has a corresponding relationship with the calculation itself, so there is no need to bother. OSLF is the most important algorithm in the past 400 years.

Libra’s move uses Linear Logic (Linear Logic). Greg is Linear Logic (Linear Logic)Da Na, one of the people who know the most about this field in the world, is the reason why Facebook wanted to hire Greg repeatedly before.

Linear Logic (Linear Logic)It’s about the logic layer. Its operation semantics needs to be reflected by a certain computing model. Rho calculation is the most powerful and suitable one.

OSLF (Operational Semantics in Logical Form) Draft algorithm for proving theory:

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