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RCast 153 – [Climate & Coordination] Aug 20 2021 – Douglas Rushkoff, flooding in Japan, NFT’s, RChain’s refugee solutions

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Douglas Rushkoff joined as surprise guest. We discussed flooding in Japan, the cultural origins that led to blockchain, NFT’s, Greg shared a poem, and Steve Ross Talbot shared a sketch for a health app for displaced people.

0:00:00 – Intro

0:01:10 – Nora – article – Million urged to seek shelter as floods and landslides hit Japan…

0:05:58 – Darryl – we have to figure out how to connect all the dots globally. article: “These parts of the UK could be underwater within 10 years due to climate change”…

0:07:54 – Steve Ross Talbot – mass movement of people related to these events. How do we coordinate these people. How do we ensure their safety and health? We have a sketch for how we can do this in the UK.

0:09:09 – Greg – technically this is doable in a couple of months. Challenges will largely be jurisdictional and cultural.

0:11:54 – Douglas Rushkoff – – Darryl – introductions

0:14:15 – Douglas describing Team Human

0:16:10 – Douglas – recent blog piece –… – what propelled blockchain forward was “Occupy”. There was this readiness for circular economic systems, but over the last 10 years, the Wired long boom capitalists, like the web fell to surveillance capitalists, blockchain seems to have fallen to all these millennials, buying, trading and staking tokens to make money. 0:17:38 – Greg – there is alot more going on behind the scenes. Cryptocurrency is 1/10th the surface area of blockchain, but people haven’t figured that out yet. 0:19:38 – Darryl – we are in this state right now where we are in a purgatory state – NFT’s are a snapshot of the limitations of the current state of blockchain.

0:21:15 – Steve Ross Talbot – we know when we get there when no one is bothering to use the word “crypto”

0:22:30 – SRT – asks Douglas about Richard Barbrook –…

0:24:00 – Douglas response. Richard Barbrook: “The California Ideology” –… a certain kind California libertarianism had gotten enmeshed with digital technological development. We don’t have to have that version of the future.

0:24:47 – Douglas – there was a moment in ’93 – ’93 when the Mondo 2000 kind of vision of the net got replaced by the Wired magazine vision of the net. Realized that business wouldn’t necessarily turn nice.

0:25:40 – Darryl – I remember that era – Jaron Lanier, John Perry Barlow – there was so much excitement about what the web could represent and then it was taken over.

0:26:25 – Douglas – but we are taking it back apparently.

0:27:15 – Darryl – it’s interesting that you see the Occupy movement as a potential catalyst for bitcoin.

0:27:36 – Douglas – Most of them were for increasing prosperity for all, not for extracting value from the world.

0:28:26 – SRT – The DNA of the people involved at that time involved a trust in decentralization. Cooperatives like Loomio. How to do decentralized governance?

0:30:46 – Douglas – has to leave for another call – anarcho-syndicalism – his thoughts about what RChain is doing.

0:32:56 – People are discovering us.

0:33:30 – Greg has a poem.

0:36:06 – SRT has a sketch for a health app for displaced people. (Shares screen).

0:46:56 – Nora – article – Climate change will disrupt supply chains much more than Covid — here’s how businesses can prepare…

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