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Necessary conditions for unlocking the blockchain Holy Grail

by Atticbee (Translated from Chinese to English with )

If you want to create a new blockchain infrastructure, you must first hit a total of five steps to the holy grail of blockchain:

  • 1. concurrent asynchronous block out for nodes. Expected completion time: Completed.
  • 2. Concurrent asynchronous execution of transactions by each node to ensure conflict-free (block merging). Expected completion time: Completed.
  • 3. Seamless sharding. Expected completion date: end of 2021.
  • 4. On-chain formal verification. Expected completion: 2022.
  • 5. Contract code query + automatic generation. Expected completion time: unknown.

The 3rd stepping stone of RChain is called Namespace.

Existing sharding technologies are not scalable, only RChain can do that.

Unlike many projects that rely on slicing technology to improve TPS, since RChain itself can rely on the architecture of concurrently issuing blocks and concurrent execution to achieve unlimited scaling within slices, RChain’s slices are used more for dividing consensus groups based on business logic and expanding the state space of the world’s computers on the chain.

Based on the static deployment feature of Rho algorithm and the fast conflict detection block merging algorithm, RChain can let all the involved slices vote for this transaction uniformly when a complex cross-slice transaction is performed, thus ensuring the atomicity of this cross-chain transaction on the premise that the transaction is conflict-free within each slice. This unique ability of the Rho algorithm to seamlessly coordinate transactions involving multiple slices without affecting the normal operation of the respective slices is the backbone of RChain’s commitment to building an infinitely scalable and composable on-chain world computer.

OSLF benchmarks both Level 4 and Level 5 steps. Draft algorithm for OSLF (Operational Semantics in Logical Form) proof theory: 1y5ggdpTwWwtp3lyMOEKG7hxJW2d8RR2Ru4SfrTuAA2I

One is the organization of resources based on namespaces and detection of conflicts, and the other is the static deployment of contracts. RChain uses these two features to ensure that block merging can be implemented. Block merging is a skill that Turing Machine Department projects can’t do in their lifetime, which is determined by the underlying theory.

Everyone wants to do block merging, to make out a single slice can be infinitely scalable, and then cross-chain transactions can ensure atomicity, but without Rho algorithm, that is a lifetime can not be done.

Block merging is the 2nd step to the holy grail of blockchain. The first two steps have been climbed, the 3rd step is waiting for the end of 2021, and the 4th step needs to wait for next year.

The 4th step is the existence that all other projects can’t even think about. As for which stage is the hardest, they are all very difficult. The problem is that other projects, don’t even think about it, because these are skill points unique to the Rho Evolution technology tree, and you pick the wrong technology tree, these skill points can’t be opened for life. In comparison, I think the 4th step is the most difficult. But once this is done, the public chain track will be over. In fact, after the 3rd step “seamless slicing” comes out, the public chain track is almost finished, and the rest is all garbage time.

This is because the traditional Turing machine can’t make the underlying mechanism automatically detect the resource conflict in the concurrent environment, which is determined by the computational model. Important advances in computer science have been driven by key breakthroughs in theory. (Cloud added)

There is no need to worry about an ecosystem, projects on other chains can be relocated with a single click.

The ecology is used by the weak-boned public chain projects to strengthen their courage, the bottom layer does not work, the only selling point is the ecology. Short, flat and fast projects have no backbone, and they can finish a wave, and there are more bullish ones coming out later. Only RChain is stable to maintain the advantage of generation difference.

There will not be many left in the public chain circle at the end. Short, flat and fast projects are definitely not among them. The essence of short, flat and fast projects is that a group of people make dreams of getting rich and sell them to leeks. Because the technical difficulties of public chain need to be overcome slowly.

Who will die at the end of the cruel public chain track? As the saying goes: choose the right technology tree, hold the coin and wait for the villa. If you climb the wrong technology tree, you will earn first and then become negative.

–The 100,000 Reasons Why the Total Machine is the Daily Chain Guide

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