Community Debriefs Weekly Debrief

246 Sept 1 2021 Community Debrief – Demo of NFT with its asset stored together on RChain!

0:00:00 – Rao’s Tech Update –…

0:08:00 – Demo from Theo – of the preliminary interface demonstrating for the first time an NFT that has the actual asset stored with it together all on chain!

0:13:44 – Questions

0:16:46 – Greg explains that provisioning an asset on chain is different than delivering the asset for consumption. With RSong we completely separated out the provisioning step with the delivery to the player.

0:22:22 – Greg – have you thought about which experiences might be enhanced with the delivery of sponsored content?

0:34:24 – Question from GSJ – “So why not build upon RSong?”

0:41:14 – Community Week in Review

0:44:10 – Greg – Monday’s Casper Standup – Atticbee approached Greg about doing a bytecode machine in rholang. Right after that call – Greg had a call with Mike Stay – who showed an abstract machine in Rholang…

0:48:46 – Please submit items of business Ian Bloom via chat: Submit your IOB’s (Items of Business) by September 24.- #agm-2021 channel on pub-RChain Discord Annual Meeting is October 24

0:49:47 – Ian – quick election coverage.

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