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RCast 156 – [Climate & Coordination] Sep 10 2021 – 250 medical journals say climate is the greatest threat to health, Gen Z choose climate careers, music’s coordinating role, lateral thinking

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Today we discussed a warning from 230 medical journals that names climate as the greatest threat to human health as well as Gen z’s mobilization in the workforce toward careers in climate solutions. We also discussed fossil fuel subsidies and an election in Canada.

0:00:00 – Intro

0:01:12 – Nora – article – “Over 230 medical journals: Climate crisis is the “greatest” health threat – Global warming is affecting people’s health — and world leaders need to address the climate crisis now as it can’t wait until the COVID-19 pandemic is over, editors of over 230 medical journals warned Sunday evening.”…

0:05:30 – Nora – article – ‘No point in anything else’: Gen Z members flock to climate careers –…

0:07:45 – Darryl response – generational based societal shift

0:12:15 – Greg response – 2 majors loves in my life – mathematics and music – Music’s role in climate change mitigation – the problem of climate change is a problem of coordination. We are unable to effectively coordinate ourselves in many regards, but music provides this model of how to work together that we have just barely scratched the surface of, and if we pay close attention to what music says to us about how we might work together, I feel that our ability to respond in time to climate change would be greatly increased.

0:16:48 – Darryl response – Ian Cross: music was the thing that woke us up to our superpower of our ability to work together – what was going through the minds of early humans when music was first discovered? – music is the mathematical discovery of the harmonious relationships of different frequencies – rhythm is the discovery of how the perception of time can be shared.`

0:18:46 – Greg – response – doesn’t have to be the only model – graphic arts are another way in –

0:20:54 – I wish for the RChain community that other level of working – today I was so encouraged by the China team.

0:23:20 -Darryl – you are speaking like my dear friend Damo Suzuki – singer for the progressive German rock group “Can”. His philosophy is that all musicians are “sound carriers” – who create “music of the moment”. “Music is all about communication”.………

0:27:19 – Darryl – Brian Eno – lateral thinking…

0:33:00 – Nora article – More global aid goes to fossil fuel projects than tackling dirty air – study Air pollution kills more than malaria, HIV/Aids and TB combined but receives only 1% of development aid…

0:40:17 – Darryl – Canadian federal election – “The Green Rush”

0:44:10 – Greg – response

0:49:14 – Greg – youngest son has opened my mind to what a fantastic time it is to be a musician.

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