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248 Sept 15 Community Debrief – REV vaults merging – demo of NFT PoC progress – Space Calculus – quantum computing

0:00:00 – Rao’s Community Update 189:…

0:06:30 – Tomislav update – REV vaults merging

0:14:37 – Greg response

0:15:52 – David update on the NFT PoC progress

0:20:47 – Greg response

0:21:29 – Raphael – uses the same rholang code that Dappy uses – same interface – if you purchase this NFT it’s the same thing as purchasing a name on the Dappy name system – building a personal page on Dappy – it’s great because we are reaching a state where different projects can use the same standards.

0:23:00 – Greg – Dan Connoly had questions about the RChain token and the NFT framework. Have we been able toreconcile with those questions? Raphael – still to be discussed. Greg – want to make sure that his perspective is reflected in our conversations.

0:24:10 – Greg – update from board – good news from the health care passport angle

0:25:18 – Darryl – Community Week in Review

0:27:36 – Greg – Monday’s Casper Standup –… Space Calculus – quantum computing – Bob Coecke theory of mobile agents in space – reformulates quantum mechanics – want to compare notes – Bob’s approach vs rholang – using Bob’s framework for quantum consensus feels even closer to hand – long term line of investigation, but has significant fruit – ultimately we want to replace consensus algorithm with quantum compute.

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