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249 Sept 22 Community Debrief – Tomislav report on performance improvement work, Nutzipper demo, RChain at AIM Conference in Dubai

0:00:00 – Rao’s Tech Update # 190 –…

0:06:12 – Tomislav comments – block production is 30% faster overall. rev vaults stored in history – can optimize recharge and refund – optimize the work Raphael is doing with RChain token.

0:08:37 – Tomislav – report on performance improvement work.

0:15:48 – Greg response – looking at around 10,000 com events per second / per shard, then get 4 shards to get Visa level speeds. Within striking distance.

0:22:14 – Nutzipper – CBC Casper working without thinking too much about slashing – picture is quite promising!

0:25:16 – Greg response – this is the bees’ knees! The finalization fringe represents the advancement of time – there is no wall clock – validators are operating asynchronously – relativistic view of state change. Validators are operating towards a consensus on how time is flowing. This is super, super exciting!

0:27:16 – Darryl questions.

0:30:14 – Ian question – what other systems can you compare this to?

0:36:25 – Darryl’s Community Week in Review

0:39:30 – Greg announces our representation at the Alternative Investment Management Summit in Dubai on Oct 11th and 12th.

0:41:36 – Greg – IoB status update – we are offering a session for “how to write a good IoB” @ 3:00 AM PDT on Friday.

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