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250 Sept 29 Community Debrief – Raphael’s dappy demo of building a bridge on RChain

0:00:00 – Rao’s tech update:…

0:10:59 – Raphael demo – dappy – underlying rholang code for the name system which is an NFT contract and also can deal with fungible tokens – this is a demo to show how easy it is to build a bridge on RChain. A “bridge” is just a representation of a token on a blockchain that represents a value from somewhere else. Today we mimic doing a bridge between bitcoin and rchain.

0:22:34 – Greg – RChain Publishing team now has been able to demonstrate with their team purchasing an NFT from a phone. Should have a demo next week.

0:23:18 – Greg – good news – RChain has closed some investment.

0:23:52 – Also have promo materials for our talk at the AIM conference in Dubai – this morning I had the pleasure of meeting with the other panelists. Darryl is also going, and will be running a booth with Atticbee.

0:25:26 – Greg – Foresight Institute – tomorrow

0:26:43 – the Board is going through candidates – will announce them on Thursday.

0:27:28 – Darryl’s Community Week in Review.

0:30:14 – Greg – good to see the connections and support – we have to build a human network as much as a network of computers.

0:30:56 – HJ – question about China’s regulatory announcements.

0:35:49 – HJ – question – Mark Solms

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