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255 Nov 3 Community Debrief – OSLF mind candy, casper refactoring, new board, RIP Gary Coulter

0:00:00 – Greg – mind candy update from Casper Standup – Mike Stay and Greg have been working on the final stages of OSLF – Operational Semantics in Logical Form. Q categories.

0:02:40 – Rao’s Tech update 196 –…

0:12:57 – Greg – Casper refactoring has been happening as we get through block merge. Will result in performance improvements and overall clarity and maintainability of the code. Agile development.

0:14:12 – Rao – in this process the code structure has become more modular and clear and simple so it’s easier to bring on new people.

0:15:31 – Greg reports on the first new board meeting of the new board. Greg and Lilia have been elected President and Secretary respectively.

0:16:55 – Need the membership to be aware of the LCA: Limited Cooperative Association……

0:17:59 – post thoughts on Governance channel in Discord.

0:18:43 – Community Week in Review.

0:22:08 – RIP Gary Coulter

0:25:56 – Greg – another topic during casper standup – interesting question regarding the development of life.

0:27:12 – Nora – COP 26

0:28:06 – Jim – RCHain boot camp – if interested contact Jim, Raphael, Bill, Camilla and Sydney 0:28:37 – Steve H points out the Europe time change.

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