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259 Dec 1 Community Debrief – Foresight Institute, Steve Henley at Art Basel, AI and our data

0:00:00 – Rao’s Tech Update 200…

0:12:49 – Greg – board meeting update – educational series for IBM blockchain development group – spoke at length with one of the largest systems integrators this week

0:14:04 – Community Week in Review

0:16:14 – Greg will be presenting at the Foresight Institute Vision Weekend on Sunday in the Crypto Renaissance & Long-termism, Privacy & Space Tech panel:…

0:16:54 – Steve Henley is on his way to Art Basel in Miami. – Steve Ross Talbot – today on BBC Radio 4 – Reith Lectures –… – The rise of AI coincides with Surveillance Capitalism – stealing of our data – the only way to combat it is to starve it. Why RPC is so important. Alllows us to store the most important data that is important to us securely and under our own self sovereign control.

0:22:34 – Greg response – Theo posted a link to the early stage PoC that people can try out.

0:23:54 – SRT – the vision of RPC and how we are trying to attract investment, we would like to invite members of the coop to a session to present what we have done in the context of a pitch deck.

0:25:22 – Greg – (shares screen) as part of our discussion with enterprise partners – prepared a one pager – what we are doing with Zulip – a template for a data bus. The purpose is to provide a sample application to see what it is like to take an off the shelf application and federate it.

0:31:52 – you can do Rholang in a nutshell

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