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RChain is the perfect choice for DEX

RChain shows that concurrency, combined with seamless sharding, can be advantageous for DEX-like applications. For example, chains A, B, C … RChain just needs to have a slice in each chain as their Layer 2, and then these Layer 2 slices can play atomically with each other. Not only atomic swapping, but also a variety of combinatorial, consistent play, a lot of brainstorming can be opened. Concurrency between slices + ACID makes cross-chain king.

A slice can be bridged to one or more external networks. The slices can interoperate with each other atomically. Polkadot and Near are unable to make atomic interoperability across slices and parallel chains, i.e., there is no transactivity between subsystems. Ensuring transactivity between slices is one of the most outstanding advantages of RChain.

Only RChain’s technology can open up Web 3.0 and is worth following. The landscape of the IT industry may change in the next few decades, and this is a feat that cannot be measured in money.

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