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266 Jan 19 2022 Community Debrief – Zulip chat integration by FIQUS, Tomislav, RChain RDrive

0:00:00 – Rao’s Tech Update…

0:10:11 – Martin from sister co-op FIQUS shows demo of Zulip chat running on RChain!

0:15:30 – Response – Greg – actual work days – how long did it take you to do this? Martin: “4 days, and I never coded in Rholang”

0:17:10 – Bill question – is there any thought of retrieving the rholang code that is embedded in the javascript from the chain?

0:20:10 – Tomislav – continuation of what you are seeing in RChat.

0:26:02 – Greg response – in the long run, it’d be nice to have a deeper integration with RabbitMQ.

0:28:35 – Steve Ross Talbot – what has RChain Publishing been up to?

0:32:52 – demo of RChain Publishing’s RDrive proof of concept.

0:39:16 – Bill points out that this is the mobile phone point of view. The intention is to make this ubiquitous. “File typing” , “Typing Behaviour” – smart contracts applied to files. We already have an implementation that works on your local machine.

0:42:09 – Greg – what we are inching towards is this recognition that this is a giant space – of digital assets nd the file browser and those metaphors we all understand and have used for several decades to navigate our digital asset space…but we could also imagine a wide ranging set of experiences when we think about the metaverse……. The main point is that we want to put together these sets of API’s and put. FACE on it so people can begin to understand how people can have access to this “datasphere” – eventually we can provide a wide range of experiences how people can interact with this digital asset space where they can understand clearly and put nice boundaries around what it is that is shared and what it is that is shared with different communities.

0:44:49 – Bill – I just want to point out that a good deal of the technology that goes into this comes from Raphael and from the larger RGov community, so this is a collaborative endeavour.

0:45:43 – Community Week in Review

0:50:08 – Bill question on timing of hardfork 2.

0:51:52 – Rao – Raphael says that every Tuesday at 5PM UTC there is a multisig task force using Rholang.

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