Community Debriefs Weekly Debrief

273 Mar 9 2022 Community Debrief – Metaweek update from Dubai

0:00:00 – Tomislav tech update

0:29:30 – Greg – Metaweek – the booth was well attended after Greg’s talk. Partner Dunhill Bismark have alot of wonderful positive things to say about RChain and was heard all throughout Metaweek. Remarkable engagement at the private investor dinners – more than 40 institutions that we will be following up with. Sponsor of tonight’s event reached out to Greg personally because of what he heard on the panel. Encouraged by the support from Rao and Ting. The strength of RChain Coop is our collective intelligence.

0:32:41 – Darryl – question – I am curious to know what you spoke about at the panel.

Greg – spoke more autobiographically about his experience with early Artificial Reality pioneers.

Hired by MCC Micro-electronics and Computer technology Corporation – the first industrial research consortium in the US. Worked in that lab in his early 20’s. Hired under Kim Fairchild’s group – who was one of the pioneers in Artificial Reality. He and Alan Wexelblat worked with Randy Trigg who worked at Xerox Parc. Greg – did software that was centered around group work – for large scale systems – realized that concurrency was going to be the only way that the systems could actually scale properly. That is what led me down this path to mobile process calculi.

0:38:35 – Met with some of our partners – DEX ventures – good debrief with Aurora and Jessica – they were quite thrilled about the scope of our vision. When I began to describe the role and function of Rholang as a query language for content on chain, Aurora realized that we have a completely different vision than what she has been hearing from anyone else.

0:40:24 – Rao – alot of people were looking for what chain to build on. We were able to speak about what business models were possible on RChain that wouldn’t be possible anywhere else.

0:41:33 – Greg – gentleman who works in advertising – asked how does advertising work on the metaverse – we can be with DAASL early in the game – want the advertising to hit at the data layer to be able to go through all the form factors. This is a powerful message.

0:43:13 – Darryl – and because we are involved early, we have the opportunity to affect the architecture and norms around how advertising evolves: we want to avoid a life like this.

0:43:48 – more updates from Greg – RPC stakeholder call was full of good questions – next week on Wed two hours before this call. If anyone is interested in having a say in how RPC evolves please attend. Going to start quarterly ecosystem calls and strategic partner / significant stakeholder calls.

0:49:20 – Community Week in Review

Speed and Scale – Greg suggests this book as required reading for any coop members.

0:50:44 – Greg – Monday’s Casper Standup – different conceptions of what tokens might be…