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274 MAR 16 2022 COMMUNITY DEBRIEF – demo of R-Drive – on chain storage using a familiar file system.

0:00:00 – Rao’s Tech Update –…

0:05:07 – Theo’s demo of the test version of R-Drive – on chain storage using a familiar file system.

0:09:36 – Greg response – questions

0:10:31 – Greg – behind the scenes there is token management. Every dApp on the planet that are going to use chains will face the problem that they will need tokens for every single request. That means that all user requests are potentially stopped by a paywall and we all know how annoying paywalls can be. So the question is: How do we address the paywall? One option is to manage crypto wallets – but more likely she will use subscription or ad based services. People will face paywalls when dealing with

0:14:45 – Greg update – Metaweek in Dubai

0:15:28 – Greg – It’s just now that people are getting the importance of the fact that Rholang is a query language. As we move to more and more content being managed by Web 3 applications, we are going to face another problem that was already solved in Web 2 – which is Search. the blockchain community has forgotten most of the lessons of Web 2, so when it came to addressing they forgot about url’s. When it came to payments they forgot about online advertising. And when it came to access and ubiquity of data, they forgot about Search.

0:24:46 – Darryl reply

0:26:55 – Housekeeping – we are rapidly reaching the end of the epoch. Start accepting staking any time from now until the end of the month, also goes for exiting.

0:27:33 – RPC wallet.txt file will be up on github today.

0:29:21 – Community Week in Review