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RCAST 181 – [Climate and Coordination] Mar 25 2022 – Guest: Raphael Fabre – founder of dappy

Today’s guest was Raphael Fabre, founder of dappy, the secure name system powered by blockchain.

0:00:00 – Intro

0:01:12 – Raphael introduces us to his background.

0:06:52 – re-entered into exploring blockchain during the bitcoin unlimited debate around 2016 – 2018. It’s such a new world you need months and months to get through the concepts to really get it, even as an engineer.

0:08:35 – Darryl talks about his history of first discovering bitcoin and ethereum and attending the ethereum meetups in 2014 – 2015.

0:11:18 – Darryl asks when Raphael first thought of the need for an alternative to the domain name system as it applies to blockchain.

0:23:07 – Greg – Docker was invented by Solomon Hykes – his father is David Hykes can sing multiple tones at the same time.

0:32:14 – Ian – I hope people are following here dappy fits in here.

0:33:41 – the level of predicability in web is very low – that’s why many companies do not use the public web. As a result they are very far from the open spirit of the web – Co-resolution step – we have an article – “How to Read the Blockchain State”… First step – name system is on the blockchain Second step – co-resolution – service discovery – type in “bottle.dappy” the browser has to read into the blockchain ask a node to maintain an official node that wll do the resolution work

0:39:53 – Our goal is just to keep everything that is good and change the stuff that limits the predictability or the security of the web applications.

0:40:28 – Darryl – these are problems that are going to have to be solved if blockchain is going to be on the web.

0:41:06 – Raphael – our strategy is to be prepared to, when we launch production, to be ready to adapt to different use cases…. you could have subdomains controlled by different DAO’s, extend mutlisig features to manage domain names and webpages, then you can get into the very unknown exploratory world of online democratic and governance structure.

0:44:12 – Darryl – how did you come to discover RChain?

0:44:37 – Raphael – I was exploring all the smart contract platforms to see what they offer, how they work etc. Found an interview of Greg on youtube – I did not understand everything at the time, but the core ideas ran thorough my head for weeks. At firsty dappy was dual platform because it was with EOS as well, but then I realized that I could build everything I wanted to build with Rholang. Two or three years ago. dappy could be launched on Ethereum, it just needs the most efficient platform possible, the multisig stuff is probably easier on RChain. Very happy to be a part of the adventure. I managed to understand RChain’s technology in 1 or 2 years, but now I get the core ideas. Rchain will have its place in the blockchain world especially when it launches hard fork 2!

0:48:02 – Darryl – You created the RChain Token – very flexible token that can be used in many ways. Raphael – we needed a name system on the blockchain – a name system sounds very much like an NFT smart contract. dappy is very simple – you pay Rev and you get a domain name in return. So paying REV means having support for REV and getting a domain name means getting support for NFTs. In any way you want you can swap the tokens in an RChain contract….

0:51:57 – the incentive model of dappy is that the independent companies that will address your lookup queries have revenue over the months and those revenues come from you as a client having to renew your domain name – around 40 dollars / year. It uses object capabilities – pushed by Dan Connolly – it’s very quick to work with this way of authenticating users instead of complex systems – very simple concept.

0:53:33 – Paris Blockchain Week – thank you for spearheading our involvement in that – just wondering whether you have met Greg in the flesh before?

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