Community Debriefs Weekly Debrief

285 Jun 1 2022 RChain Community Debrief – RabbitMQ integration, dappy multisig UX demo, Steve’s update from Washington DC – Government Blockchain Association

0:00:00 – Rao’s tech update 226…
0:14:28 – Nutzipper demo – Rabbit MQ – RChain integration
0:20:05 – Greg comments – what this makes the into is a far superior workflow engine than is currently in the market. It eclipses the features and functions of Microsoft’s Biz Talk for example, and many other products in the market. You can also now use this as a basis for the same sorts of data mapping services like Talent do, and where we are currently is roughly 3 weeks of work to create something that is superior in features and functions to the existing work flow engines. I don’t know how to emphasize how much functionality is available in the existing chain. Think about it: RChat, RGov, the payments network that it also provides as well as workflow engines and data mapping services that we are now demonstrating as features and functions. It’s really quite a remarkable platform that we have here.
0:22:00 – Nutzipper – the first week i spent just trying to run the scala client – it’s hard to bootstrap a client in scala. Once we will make this fast and easy, it will be a much faster workflow. Greg – …with the Rabbit API’s now, alot of enterprises will not have to deal with a scala client. This is super important – to anyone who knows anything about systems integration with enterprises, this is really exciting!
0:23:40 – Raphael – dappy demo – this presentation is a follow up from a few weeks ago where I presented the multisig with the common line tools and now I am presenting the UX that has been designed on the dappy browser. dappy is a web browser that allows you to distribute websites in a very secure way and it has a cool feature called “dapps”. HTML files stored on the blockchain so that you can have truly serverless web applications. Today we will see the multisig UX distributed through a dapp…
0:39:50 – Greg questions
0:41:58 – Community Week in Review
0:43:29 – Greg updates from the board
0:44:49 – Mr Henley goes to Washington – Steve’s report from the Government Blockchain Association