287 Jun 15 2022 Community Debrief – RPC demo of streaming audio and video directly off of RChain

0:00:00 – Rao’s Tech Update: https://rchain.atlassian.net/wiki/spa…

0:09:37 – Greg – we want to modularize the different business policies…

0:10:41 – Bill question for Rao – wondering what was the solution around time?

0:13:50 – Theo demos RDrive executable running on RChain. RDrive allows us to mount RChain to our file system. Can mass mint NFTs by just dragging and dropping files onto the folder. All the data is directly on chain.

0:18:42 – Bill – there’s actually logic in here to not only deploy multiple files at the same time with concurrency, but there’s also throttling logic in here to make sure the network is not overwhelmed at any given time.

0:19:50 – Theo – we can do music

0:21:45 – Steve Ross Talbot – first thing we uploaded to RDrive was the track of Thomas Edison singing Mary Had a Little Lamb.

0:22:57 – Bill – I think it’s important to understand here, that this technology that we are looking at here, we have only been working at this for 8 months or so.

0:23:47 – Greg – for those musicians out there or DJ’s, if you drop files like this into Garage Band, Garage Band will immediately tell you what it thinks the time signature, temp and key of the song is. We can easily open source versions of those algorithms and use Rholang for search…

0:26:00 – Theo – start RDrive – now instead of opening the file manager, I start this open source program, Navidrome…now it scans my folder to look for audio files and finds the RDrive files, which are actually stored on chain.

0:28:00 – Greg – by having RDrive make the chain look like a file system, you are able to glue it into all these off the shelf tools.

0:28:38 – Greg – so what about other file types? Theo – we can do videos and stream them.

0:29:11 – Greg – I imagined back in the Synereo days – whether its a band making an ablum, they can stat with an RDrive to put their initial work into, then can extend access to engineers, marketers etc, by the time they get to the release, they first invite their superfans to see the “making of”, when they get tot he final release date, they open it up to their whole audience. Doesn’t stop with musical artists.

0:31:40 – Greg – people need to be thinking about the different ways that RDrive can be used. For instance today with NFTs, there’s no search functionality….

0:32:33 – Theo – done uploading. Now we can go into file manager….

0:34:40 – Greg – this is the kind of expereince that we want people to have, where the blockchain is just another part of the tool ecosystem and they don’t have to think about it so much.

0:35:18 – Theo – at one point we will be able to stream 4K videos to the blockchain once we add the torrent clinet to RNode – we are halfway through. That will give us the best performance possible.

0:35:51 – Greg – any member of the coop who is technically minded could have gotten together and done this. Theo is running this on Alpha 3

0:36:36 – Greg – it’s important to see what people can do with the existing RChain. Back in the 80’s, you could write some c code and sit on your hands and do nothing and a new chipset would come out and your code would be twice as fast. That stopped in the early 2000’s. Unless your code made use of concurrency – multiple threads. That trend is only continuing. What RCHain has done is that we have made it so that you could write some code, as Theo has done, and you could sit on your hands, and your code is going to get faster. So Theo has written some code, Raphael has written some code, we have RGov and RVote and we have several enterprise engagements. This code will get faster. It will get faster with LLBM, and it will get faster as the Rholang 1.1 features get implimented, but it will also get faster as the hardware market delivers more and more physical threads and lower cost and power consumption. Don’t wait – build your DApps now.

0:39:19 – Raphael – I just want to say that as a developer it is very hard to write code that is NOT concurrent. By default any developer working with Rholang expereinces faster execution time.

0:40:04 – In 2018 we demonstrated delivering audio data from chain….

0:41:07 – Community Week in Review

0:43:30 – Greg – This week’s Casper Standup – we returned to OSLF – Operational Semantics in Logical Form. What is the essence of a linear collection?