Community Debriefs Weekly Debrief

288 Jun 22 2022 Community Debrief – announcement of special meeting – Theo demo

0:00:00 – Rao’s tech update:…

0:08:55 – questions

0:13:13 – Greg updates Board resolution for the special meeting- will be educational meetings – held on the 1st of July at the time of the closed door sessions. There is a special discord channel set up – “special-meeting” mission critical to the coop. Essential that you read and understand the items of business under consideration.

0:14:42 – Update on active member status requirements

0:19:32 – Vote occurs on July 3 – 4

0:21:40 – Community week in review

0:23:58 – Greg – wrote an article w Ralph Benko – went to capitol hill and potential investors – the points: no longer possible for people to claim that RChain doesn’t scale…

0:29:40 – Theo demo of video streaming from RChain using an open source “Netflix” like app