Community Debriefs Weekly Debrief

290 – July 6 2022 Community Debrief – LLBM update, special meeting vote report

0:00:00 – Rao’s tech update 231 –…

0:05:53 – Greg elaborates on LLBM status.

0:09:41 – Greg – comments on the special meeting vote.

0:12:16 – comments

0:13:10 – Jim – can develop a collective intelligence whereas pure democracy can lead to collective stupidity. RGOV provides a substrate for DAO governance.

0:14:54 – Greg – nothing fosters collective intelligence more than working together towards a common goal.

0:16:22 – Jim – we were working on this in the 70’s. Head of the computer science dept said no one would waste the power of a computer on electronic mail. We were so far ahead of our time. We are decentralized in so many ways. It’s uncomparable.

0:18:31 – Greg – one of the things that is so challenging in this setting is that every single thing we are doing requires a shift in one’s thinking. Concurrency really requires a mind shift. There’s a reason why compositionality and concurrency are blond spots in the culture, then there’s the whole consensus algorithm mindshift, there’s the fact that even amongst blockchains we are not focused on “store of value” capabilities, we are focused on utility tokens to deliver global compute.

0:20:17 – Community Week in Review

0:21:30 – Greg – Monday’s Casper Standup review

0:28:37 – Jim comments

0:33:22 – Steve H – October is AGM, kicking off the process – request for anyone who might want to be interested in participating in the Nominating Committee – email:

0:34:15 – Jim – also if anyone has ideas for Items of Business – email: