Election Updates


Items of Business updates: delivered by Kenny


#1. Financial Transparency [Completed]

To-Do: First report (due Jan 2019)


#2. Operations Roadmap [Kenny Rowe]

Working draft


#3. Conflict of Interest Policy [Barry Cynamon]

Working draft (Open for comment)


#4. Member Participation in Governance [Kenny Rowe]

Working draft


#5. Monetary Policy [Kenny Rowe – Deanna]

Operations Wallet: 31,968,457.14


Token Sale Reserve Wallet: 50,600,000


General Reserve Wallet: 410,663,574


Research Wallet: 4,000,000


To Do: Define mint spec


#6. RChain Improvement Process [Working Group]

Work in progress 


#7. Proposed Bylaws Amendment [Kenny Rowe]

Will be adopted at next board meeting Nov 6 th 2018


Board Seats


The board will meet on Nov 6 2018 to decide if the seats should be filled or left vacant

  • Deferred to Friday, Nov 9th