Election Updates


Items of Business updates: delivered by Kenny


#1. Financial Transparency [Completed]

To-Do: First report due Jan 2019


#2. Operations Roadmap [Kenny Rowe]

Working draft


#3. Conflict of Interest Policy [Completed]

Finalized 11/09/18


#4. Member Participation in Governance [Kenny Rowe]

Working draft

  • Open to comment


#5. Monetary Policy [Kenny Rowe – Deanna]

To Do: Define mint spec


#6. RChain Improvement Process [Working Group]

Work in progress 

  • Define working group rules, procedures, and members
  • Meeting Notes


#7. Proposed Bylaws Amendment [Completed]


Board Seats

The board will meet on Nov 6, 2018, to decide if the seats should be filled or left vacant

    • Deferred to Friday, Nov 9th


VP Job Descriptions and requirements

  • VP of Engineering
  • VP of Finance and Token Economics
  • VP of Governance
  • VP of Marketing
  • Draft Job Descriptions Completed


Board Meeting on 11/09/18

  • Minutes¬†
  • Audit and Finance Committee charter approved – Kevin Goldstein as Chair
  • Approved Conflict of Intrest Policy
  • No change to special meeting quorum. Exec committee to draft petition process
  • ID verification required for full membership