The Ethereum addresses with the stolen funds are:

  • 0xdcb05f9afa10f0cf405ed39502d4916cbd96cf74
  • 0x381b94be319fd260c336204a1fe52ab6bd37f31b

This link shows the attackers moving the funds in and out of wallets.

Please report any updates or suspicious activity to the co-op on Discord or Twitter. Thank you.

Pithia Update

As per the recent community call regarding Pithia’s RHOC holdings and Kucoin, the following address belongs to Pithia and should not be traded with, as doing so will result in RHOC not honored at the launch of main net:

As of May 6, 58M RHOC in Pithia’s wallet are blocked; this can be seen at Ethereum Block 7715446.

Kucoin will not enable trading until the Pithia matter is resolved. We will inform members as soon as this is complete.

At this time, withdrawals should not be blocked, only trading pairs. We are currently investigating issues some members are having with this.