Joshy Orndorff

Joshy Orndorff, Technical Writer & Evangelist

Joshy is a self-sovereignty and decentralization enthusiast. Having first read the bitcoin whitepaper in 2014, he has spent the last several years thinking about the technical and social aspects of decentralized systems, and their adoption. Joshy has several years of experience as an educator, and serves the RChain community primarily by helping new developers get productive on RChain quickly, and with a firm foundational understanding of the platform. Joshy’s primary duties include writing educational and onboarding materials, improving the developer experience, and blogging about news and events relevant to RChain developers.


“People have been defending their own privacy for centuries with whispers, darkness, envelopes, closed doors, secret handshakes, and couriers. The technologies of the past did not allow for strong privacy, but electronic technologies do. “
– Eric Hughes, Cipherpunk Manifesto

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