RCast 32: TOGL (Theory of Graphs Language)

Greg Meredith discusses his notion of TOGL (Theory of Graph Languages) with Isaac DeFrain and Christian Williams.

RCast 31: Rholang v1.1

The evolution of Rholang.

RCast 30: Reaction Rates in Rho-calculus

Greg Meredith and Isaac DeFrain discuss reaction rates as it pertains to RChain, Rholang, and Rho-calculus.

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The evolution of Rholang


Reaction rates as it pertains to RChain, Rholang, and Rho-calculus. 


Understanding the underlying architecture of RChain.

Why Businesses Should Embrace Conflict

Conflict is inevitable inside of any company. Opposing or incompatible ideas are going to be proposed for business decisions. Although conflict typically has a negative connotation, it doesn’t have to be that way. Conflict should be viewed as a valuable resource, a precursor to a creative solution that strengthens the company, rather than an event that stifles innovation and kills productivity.

RChain 2018 Election Results

The results of the 2018 election are in! All Items of Business passed. Item of Business 5a was chosen for the monetary policy. This year's election was held on-chain thanks to our partners, Govurn and Netvote.

This Week in Blockchain 10.26.18

During the Q&A, someone asked Steve Wozniak what the best use cases will be coming down the pipeline. He said he didn't want to speculate; he wants to see every industry provide its own examples. Another person started to ask a question when Wozniak added, "Voting. I want to see voting on blockchain."

RSong at MIT Open Music Legal Hackathon

The MIT Open Music Legal Hackathon is the culmination of a distributed network of creative open media legal hack events taking place around the world through the month of October. RChain's Kayvan Kazeminejad traveled to Cambridge to discuss RSong and the future of music dApps being built on blockchain.

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