RCast 32: TOGL (Theory of Graphs Language)

Greg Meredith discusses his notion of TOGL (Theory of Graph Languages) with Isaac DeFrain and Christian Williams.

RCast 31: Rholang v1.1

The evolution of Rholang.

RCast 30: Reaction Rates in Rho-calculus

Greg Meredith and Isaac DeFrain discuss reaction rates as it pertains to RChain, Rholang, and Rho-calculus.

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The evolution of Rholang


Reaction rates as it pertains to RChain, Rholang, and Rho-calculus. 


Understanding the underlying architecture of RChain.

What is RSong? Introduction to Immersive Audio on RChain

Besides trading cryptocurrencies, blockchain has numerous other functions beyond finance, such as storing health records and providing security for elections. Blockchains allow people to sign smart contracts and send money, cutting out any middlemen, which has created a good deal of controversy. In my opinion, the smartest governments, companies, and brands will embrace it.


The hangout opens as usual with the technical update from Medha Parlikar. They have just released node 0.7 and plan to relaunch the test net to support validator bonding on the network. Reflective Ventures focuses on strengthening the faith of its portfolio companies. Conversations continued regarding the election of board members and eligibility of members.

Intro to Design of Computational Calculi 4.2: Process Annihilation and Contextualized Communication

n this second and final part, we will explore two variants of the operational semantics for ρ-calculus. These variants turn out to be more suitable for modeling biological and physical phenomena than the π-calculus or ambient calculus. The first variant deals with process annihilation, which is a relationship between processes reminiscent of matter/antimatter annihilation. The second variant deals with contextualized communication and allows for ease of communicating between different protocol layers.

RChain 스포트라이트: RCHAIN 네트워크와 CBC Casper의 연동

안녕하세요, 알체인의 한국 담당자 입니다. 이번 에피소드에서는 CBC Casper 프레임워크와 알체인과의 연계(Implementation)를 맡고 계신두 명의 뛰어난 엔지니어, 마이클 버치, 켄트 시카마님과 이야기 나누어 보겠습니다.RCon3의 이 대화에서는, 블록댁(BlockDAG ; 블록체인의 대안적인 네트워크 구조로서, 한번에 한개의 블록을 추가하는 블록체인과 달리 동시에 모두에게 서비스가 가능한 구조)부터 GHOST 포크-선택 규칙(체인이 두갈래로 갈라졌을 때 어떤 체인을 선택해야 하는 지 결정할 수 있는 메커니즘) 까지 모든 것을 다루어 볼 예정인데요, 아래에저희가 다루는 주제들의 개요를 정리해 보았습니다

Journalism in the Digital Age

The Internet is truly a beautiful thing. One could spend decades online and barely scratch the surface of all of the valuable content residing on the web. Humans around the world have greatly enhanced and expanded communication systems, commerce, education, and more through innovative networks offered online. (more…)

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