RCast 24: Programmable Liveness for Casper

Greg Meredith is joined by Isaac DeFrain and Christian Williams to discuss RChain research on Casper.

The Pi Calculus: Toward Global Computing

In this video, Christian Williams presents during an Applied Category Theory Seminar on the pi calculus.

RCast 23: Understanding LADL

A talk between Greg Meredith and Christian Williams on LADL (Logic as A Distributive Law).

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RCast 24: Programmable Liveness for Casper

 RChain research on Casper.

RCast 23: Understanding LADL

A deep dive into LADL (Logic as A Distributive Law).

RCast 22: Proof of Stake Economics

The implications of proof of stake economics.

Blockchain basics: Blockchain accounting

With blockchain, there is no need for a centralized source. Computers are connected to a network that provides all accounting for everyone on the chain. If one computer fails, the others serve as backups. All computers connected to the network aid in the development of a communal public-facing ledger. If one fails, the others pick up the slack. Instead of double-entry bookkeeping, blockchain is just X-entry bookkeeping, where X equals the numbers of nodes on the chain.

How Rholang relieves the burden of a syntax-semantics gap in programming

In an interview with Epicenter, Greg Meredith and Nash Foster broke down one of the key things that makes Rholang unique where other languages are lacking due to what can be called a syntax-semantics gap. Nash explained that the simplicity of some languages is deceptive. “You can stand something up and it will sort of work, but you’re going to have a lot of bugs because you don't really understand what you’re doing. The model of computation is too confusing.

RChain Debrief 96: Try RSong immersive audio on Android or iPhone

This week's Debrief includes a technical explanation of RSong, updates on validator bonding and cost accounting, and updates from the marketing team about website and onboarding improvements. Portfolio companies are starting to set up nodes and write smart contracts. The script used to capture RHOC balances is available for the community to use and review in GitHub. This script supports the issuance of REV in a genesis ceremony. Greg Meredith reminds us of the importance of our relationships and that "our actual work is our best marketing."

My Five Songs: Steven Bezzio

Music keeps everyone at RChain focused and engaged on the work in front of us—it is the ultimate social coordinating technology. Each week we feature five songs that a member of our community is listening to. This week Steven Bezzio, a member of RChain's Business Development team, chimes in. Have your own five songs? Tag #myfivesongs @rchain_coop on Twitter. 

Proof Media: Crowd-sourcing truth from a wise crowd

This RCon3 session features Luigi D’Onorio DeMeo, co-founder of Proof Media. Proof organizes a “wise crowd” to answer questions. Their goal is to identify truth in journalism from a large, well-incentivized community. To do this, they need a tokenized system and a scalable blockchain.

Journalism lacks the kind of mechanisms to filter through content that music and art do. For journalism, there are only fact-checking services that don’t scale.

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