RCast 24: Programmable Liveness for Casper

Greg Meredith is joined by Isaac DeFrain and Christian Williams to discuss RChain research on Casper.

The Pi Calculus: Toward Global Computing

In this video, Christian Williams presents during an Applied Category Theory Seminar on the pi calculus.

RCast 23: Understanding LADL

A talk between Greg Meredith and Christian Williams on LADL (Logic as A Distributive Law).

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RCast 24: Programmable Liveness for Casper

 RChain research on Casper.

RCast 23: Understanding LADL

A deep dive into LADL (Logic as A Distributive Law).

RCast 22: Proof of Stake Economics

The implications of proof of stake economics.

Music as social coordination technology

The origins of language is as debated a topic as the onset of consciousness. Yet we know well its effects: humans have no greater social coordination technology than language. Our expressions, vocabulary, and inflections pin us to a culture.

Introduction to RChain CoLab

The Colab, also known as “Cooperation Laboratory” or “Noob Peer Learning Working Group,” is, as its name implies, a community of individuals cooperating to become self reliant in the emerging technologies surrounding RChain. The term noob aka newbie is someone new at a game, concept, or an idea. We bring and share the skills we have with the goal of learning new skills and sharing the work.

RChain Spotlight: Inkrypt

In this episode of Spotlight, we caught up with Farhan Javed, Co-Founder, Inkrypt at RCon3 in Berlin. Inkrypt is building a censorship-resistant, decentralized journalism and media content hosting platform that ensures content authenticity and resilience.

My five songs: Bill Swan

Being a global cooperative, we spend a lot of time on our laptops and phones communicating with one another. When we're not putting our heads into our work, music helps us move the day along. Each week we'll be spotlighting five songs from members of the RChain community that keep them focused and engaged. First up is Bill Swan, RChain's Head of Human Resources. Have your own five songs? Tag #myfivesongs @rchain_coop on Twitter. 

Rcon3 Day 1 Lightning Talks

Hear about a vision for a voice-controlled future, loans accessible to all trustlessly, patterns for decentralized organization, and running an RChain validator node in a shipping container.

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