RCast 32: TOGL (Theory of Graphs Language)

Greg Meredith discusses his notion of TOGL (Theory of Graph Languages) with Isaac DeFrain and Christian Williams.

RCast 31: Rholang v1.1

The evolution of Rholang.

RCast 30: Reaction Rates in Rho-calculus

Greg Meredith and Isaac DeFrain discuss reaction rates as it pertains to RChain, Rholang, and Rho-calculus.

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The evolution of Rholang


Reaction rates as it pertains to RChain, Rholang, and Rho-calculus. 


Understanding the underlying architecture of RChain.

Running RNode on Amazon AWS (EC2)

This is a step by step guide to run RNode on Amazon Web Services. Setting up RNode on a VPS or a cloud service based virtual computer like the Amazon EC2 is desirable for users who are not able to set port forwarding or UPNP due to various network setups or for users who might want to run RNode for long periods

RChain presents: RCon3 blockchain conference in Berlin

RCon3 brings together network validators, dApp developers, investors, and researchers learning how to work with the RChain platform and participate in the launch of the RChain testnet. Learn and discuss the endless possibilities of developing and creating a new space and technology for the world to see.

Introduction to rho calculus

This post is to help everyone get a basic understanding of Reflective Higher-Order Calculus (rho-calc), and understand why RChain uses this calculus model to build and solve blockchain scalability and security.

Runway interview: The Future of Blockchain

The Future of Blockchain event in San Francisco was a meetup of influencers, developers, and pioneers in the crypto space to discuss the future of blockchain technology. The event was sponsored by Reflective Ventures, RChain Cooperative’s partner fund, and organized by Ian Utile, whose goal is to better understand leaders’ visions for how blockchain could have a positive impact on the world.

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