RCast 46: A Conversation with the Board Nominees

This year’s Board of Directors nominees discuss the future of RChain.

RCast 45: The Decarbonization Economy [Climate & Coordination]

Decarbonization and blockchain solutions for climate change in Florida.

RCast 44: Fairness, Liveness & RChain

Greg Meredith is joined by Isaac DeFrain and Christian Williams to discuss the final stages before Mainnet launch.

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RCAST 44: Fairness, Liveness & RChain

The final stages before Mainnet launch.

RCAST 43: The Why of RChain

Coordination technologies to prepare for climate change.


Use this page to keep track of scam wallet addresses. 

RChain test net genesis ceremony

On September 5th, validators from around the world convened in Berlin, Germany to launch the test net. More precisely, they launched the first of several test nets that will be run between now and early 2019 when the "Mercury" main net launches.

RChain Debrief 93: RCon3

This was RCon3 week in Berlin, Germany, and the community debrief was short. Kenny pointed out that there’s a deep interest in the blockchain space in Berlin. Learn more in this weeks debrief.

RSong: The future of music

In collaboration with Immersion Networks (an R&D Laboratory that creates software and hardware to improve the human listening experience) and Mycelia (a music-blockchain community founded by Imogen Heap), RChain, a Cooperative building a third-generation blockchain, offered the first “immersive” music demo at RCon3 in Berlin on September 5.

Computational calculus primer Part 3: ρ-calculus

The ρ-calculus is an asynchronous message-passing calculus built on a notion of quoting; it is a closed theory, as the theory of names is wholly determined by the theory of processes. The name ρ-calculus or RHO-calculus is an acronym for reflective, higher-order calculus.

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