RCast 56: RChain’s Most Disruptive Feature

Greg Meredith explains nominality and RChain’s unique features during Casper Standup 111.

Photos from RChain in China

Photos from Greg Meredith’s trip to China.

RCast 55: Venice is Flooding [Climate & Coordination]

This week’s climate news from the RChain team.

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RCast 53: Open & Free Internet

A new climate report cites 11,000 scientists calling for a climate emergency. 

RCast 52: Climate & Governance

Blockchain’s role in climate change and governance issues.


Use this page to keep track of scam wallet addresses. 

RChain Asia: China

The RChain Cooperative values individual empowerment and community-driven development as vital for the project’s goals to enhance coordination on a global scale. RChain Asia is a prime example of these principles catching on across the Pacific.

Start coding in Rholang today!

If you've actually tried to code in Rholang, you may have noticed the reference material is sparse. That doesn’t mean it’s difficult, and you don’t have to wait to begin learning how to program for this new blockchain.

Running RNode on Amazon AWS (EC2)

This is a step by step guide to run RNode on Amazon Web Services. Setting up RNode on a VPS or a cloud service based virtual computer like the Amazon EC2 is desirable for users who are not able to set port forwarding or UPNP due to various network setups or for users who might want to run RNode for long periods

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